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Boy Scout Troop 23
(Dormont, Pennsylvania)
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Established in 1925, Troop 23 of Dormont, PA has a long, rich history.
The troop been performing community service since the very beginning!

 Committee Chair E-mail   (Rich Dalzotto)
Scoutmaster E-mail      (Tom Bauer)

Troop 23:
  • Offers boys ages 11 - their 18th birthday the opportunity to truly experience the outdoors, learning skills that help them enjoy being surrounded by nature.
  • Scouts learn leadership skills the right way; by being leaders.
  • Is a fully BOY-RUN TROOP. Our Scouts make it their troop. Adult leaders are there to guide them and make sure they're safe.
  • Scouts learn what it means to be part of a community by giving back through community service.
  • Learn life skills through rank requirements and merit badges, including first-aid, cooking, leadership, communicating, citizenship and orienteering, to name just a few.
  • Has had WEBELOS join from Pack 870 in Dormont, Pack 202 in Green Tree and Pack 350 in Castle Shannon as well as numerous other communities.
We are an active troop, with weekly Tuesday meetings, camping every month and performing community service. Here are just a few of the things that we do:
  • Weekend camping trips
  • Overnight backpacking trips (both beginner-level and more advanced, for our senior Scouts)
  • Canoeing
  • Caving
  • Klondike Derby
  • Broomball, bottle-ball, capture the flag
  • Summer camp
Find out more on our ABOUT TROOP 23 Page


We welcome visits from all WEBELOS and any boy who might be interested in joining Scouting.

Contact the Scoutmaster and make arrangements to visit to see what we have to offer.

Troop 23 in Dormont, Pennsylvania

Established in 1925, Troop 23 is part of Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts of America). We belong to the Laurel Highlands Council and are within the Eagle Valley DistrictThe district incorporates communities in southern part of Allegheny County; parts of the city of Pittsburgh (Beechview, Brookline), Bethel Park, Castle Shannon, Dormont, Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair, Carrick, Knoxville and South Side and Baldwin Township, Jefferson Hills, Mt. Oliver, Munhall, Pleasant Hills, South Park, West Mifflin, and Whitehall.

While both boys and girls can be part of Scouts BSA, the troops are separated by gender. Troop 23 is a boy troop (Troop 23 has a "sister troop" - 9023). Scouts are boys in 6th through 12th grades who are under the age of 18 years. The Dormont United Methodist Church became the Charter Organization for Troop 23 in 1925. In April 2014, DUMC closed its doors but the charter was transferred to nearby Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church. In June, 2014, the troop  moved to Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, our new charter organization. At the present time, Troop 23 has 19 registered Scouts in two patrols and 16 registered adult leaders as well as numerous parents who are actively involved helping not only their son but also the other scouts in the troop.

Boys can become scouts in three ways:
  • Boys with no Scouting experience can come to a meeting, and if they like what they see, complete an application
  • WEBELOS Scouts Crossover from Cub Scouts. Webelo scouts are transferred from the Pack into the Troop 
  • A Scout may transfer from another Troop into Troop 23

Dues are $-- per year payable by the end of November. Payment plans can be arranged with the Treasurer or the Committee Chair, if needed.  Dues for Scouts joining during the year will be prorated. Payment is due with the application.

Troop 23 expects scouts to wear a Class A uniform shirt to meetings unless otherwise noted. The first Tuesday of the month is usually a Class B meeting night. Class B uniforms—for example, a troop t-shirt—can be purchased from the Troop and worn on First Tuesdays. However, if a Scout scheduled a Scoutmaster Review, he should wear his Class A uniform even though it is the first Tuesday. Scouts should always wear a Class  A uniform for Boards of Review and Courts of Honor.

Scouts are placed in patrols based on their age, experience and the current configuration of the patrols when they join. The Troop re-configures patrols each year. There are guidelines that Scouts follow regarding advancement. These will be discussed by the Scoutmaster with the Scout as he moves through the ranks.

Adults who want to register as leaders must complete an application that includes information for a background check. Before the application is process the applicant must show proof that he or she completed the BSA Youth Protection training as well as he state mandated background checks. The information can be found on our HOME PAGE. All of these must be turned in together.

The BSA & troop dues for Scouts are $--.00.  Additionally, a scout may purchase a one year subscription to
Boys Life Magazine for $12.00. November is the due date for payment of dues. The BSA adult leader dues are $--.00; the troop pays the dues for the registered adult leaders.

Service Projects

Cheerful Service is an important component of Troop 23's program. Some of the service projects the Troop participates are Scouting for Food (through the entire Dormont Community), community clean-up when scouts canvas the area and pick up litter and trash, helping to set up the church's Flea Market Fundraiser and donating food for the Food Pantry. An important community service that is a long tradition of the Troop is the setting out of Flags on West Liberty Avenue in the Dormont Community on specific holidays. These and other community services help our scout develop character and good citizenship.

Yearly Schedule

Troop 23 has a 14-month calendar, September to October. In August, we review September and October and plan the next 12 months. 

The troop attends resident camp each year, usually in July. The Troop follows a two-year camping cycle. In even-numbered years, the Troop attends the Laurel Highlands Council's Heritage Reservation in Farmington, Pennsylvania, and in each odd-numbered year the Troop attends a different Out-of-Council Boy Scout Summer Camp.

Laurel Highlands Council has a High Adventure program at Heritage Reservation. Scouts 13 years or older are eligible to attend high adventure treks. (see
Heritage Eagle Base for information about the programs.)

To defray the cost of Summer Camp, Scouts participate in fundraisers. Summer camp fundraisers include Market Day, Popcorn and most recently, pie, soup, dip, and hoagie sales.  100% of those profits go to the boy's account (ISA or Individual Scout Account). We will occasionally add other fundraisers such as Boston Market or a car wash. When the Scout ages out or leaves the troop, unused money in Scout ISAs return to the Troop treasury.

Troop fundraisers include an annual Spaghetti Dinner (scouts & adults), staffing a tent at the Dormont Street Fair (scouts & adults), collecting aluminum cans in a can trailer parked near the Dormont pool (adult-only activity) and a variety of other fundraisers. Scouts are not obligated to take part in all fundraisers. We offer them as a way to pay for camp. One exception is the Troop Spaghetti Dinner in January each year to defray the cost of running the troop. Scouts are expected to participate by volunteering at the Spaghetti Dinner and it is hoped that parents will also volunteer. As a part of being a member of, and supporting a group, Scouts are requested to sell tickets for the Spaghetti Dinner tickets to their family, friends and relatives.

Mt.Lebanon United Methodist Church Contact Info

Open minds. Open hearts. Open doors.

Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church
3319 West Liberty Ave.
 Pittsburgh, PA. 15216
(412) 531-7131

Visit PACK 870 also chartered by 
Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church 


Troop 23 Original 1925 Charter Application

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