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Boy Scout Troop 23
(Dormont, Pennsylvania)
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Celebrating Troop 23's Everywhere

Welcome to Web Page that Celebrates Troop 23's Everywhere.

Troops are identified by their number. Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church has chartered Troop 23 for more than 80 years.

We are proud of our troop number as are the other troops throughout the country that share the "23" designation. This page is an attempt to find all the Troop 23s located in Boy Scouts of America and to list their website URL if it is available. Sometimes a Troop 23 will actually have a number such a T1023--but I have been told this really is a Troop 23. Please contact Troop 23 if you have information of other Troop 23's even if there is no URL. Just give the City name, Council Name, District Name & Charter Organization and we will add you to the list. It would be really cool if we could find some international troops.

Troop 23's.
  1. Troop 23 Chartered by the Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, Laurel Highlands Council, Eagle Valley District. In 2012, 19 registered Scouts. We are trying to put together a list of our Eagle Scouts. In April 2014, DUMC closed its doors; the troop's charter is being transferred to a nearby congregation, Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church. In 2014, Troop 23 has 36 registered scouts. 
  2. Troop 23 Mount Prospect, Mt. Prospect, IL  60056
  3. Troop 23 Stafford, NH Daniel Webster Council, Abnaki District BSA
  4. Troop23–St. Clairsville, Ohio Ohio River Valley Council (ORVC) , BSA
  5. Troop 23–Northern Star Council, Eagle River District, BSA
  6. Troop 23–Pacific Palisades, BSA
  7. Troop 23–Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Northwest Suburban Council (NWSC)
  8. Troop 23--Downingtown, PA