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Boy Scout Troop 23
(Dormont, Pennsylvania)
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Troop JTE and Service Information Coordinator

The Troop Journey to Excellence (JTE) information coordinator and Service Information coordinator is Mr. Tom Bauer


What is the Journey to Excellence?

"Scouting's Journey to Excellence" is the BSA's council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

JTE: What’s in it for me?

Harness the power of JTE to get:

  • A framework for planning the year.
  • A method for evaluating your unit.
  • Guidance in areas where you might do better.
  • Specific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performance.
  • Early warning of potential problem areas.
  • Recognition for good Scouting.
  • Benchmarking to get ideas and tips from other good units.


Gold isn’t the only measure of success

Earning Gold in JTE is what every unit leader wants, but he or she shouldn’t be disappointed with Silver or Bronze.Gold is “outstanding,” Silver is “excellent” and Bronze is “very satisfactory.” “To make Gold" the unit doesn't need to be Gold in every area, or even score in every area. There are lots of ways to deliver great Scouting.”

Program-Related items

TROOP 2016 JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE program -related items The items included under program area are Advancement, Short and Long Term Camping, Service Projects and Unit Leadership (Patrols/PLC)
The Troop has worked on improving or at least maintaining their score each year.

#5  Advancement:  Achieve a high percentage of Boy Scouts earning rank advancements.
50 Have 40% of Boy Scouts advance one rank or have improvement over prior year.
100 Have 50% of Boy Scouts advance one rank.
200 Have 60% of Boy Scouts advance one rank.

#6  Short-term camping:  Conduct short-term or weekend campouts throughout the year.
50 Conduct four short-term overnight campouts.
100 Conduct seven short-term overnight campouts.
200 Conduct nine short-term overnight campouts.


#7  Long-term camping:  Participate in a long-term camp with a majority of the troop in attendance.
50 The troop participates in a long-term camp.
100 60% of Scouts attend a long-term camp.
200 70% of Scouts attend a long-term camp.


#8  Service projects:  Participate in service projects, with at least one benefiting the chartered organization.
25 Participate in three service projects and enter the hours on the JTE website.
50 Participate in four service projects and enter the hours on the JTE website.
100 Participate in five service projects and enter the hours on the JTE website.

#9  Patrol method:  Use the patrol method to develop youth leaders.
50 The troop has patrols, and each has a patrol leader. There is an SPL, if more than one patrol. The PLC meets at least four times a year.
100 Achieve Bronze, plus PLC meets at least six times.  The troop conducts patrol leader training.
200 Achieve Silver, plus PLC meets at least ten times. At least one Scout has attended an advanced training course, such as NYLT or Order of the Arrow Conference.

Although we have one leader responsible for recording our JTE progress, it is the responsibility of all Troop 23 leaders,  Committee Members and parents to work toward providing all of our scouts a program that will enable them to develop mentally,  spiritually and  physically so that they can become the next leaders of our community, our state and our country. .

JTE Leadership Engagement

Leadership and family engagement:

The troopis proactive in recruiting sufficient leaders and communicates regularly with parents.
  1. Have a Scoutmaster, an assistant Scoutmaster, and a committee with at least three members.
  2. Achieve Bronze, plus the troop holds two courts of honor, where troop plans are reviewed with parents.
  3. Achieve Bronze, plus the troop holds three courts of honor, where troop plans are reviewed with parents.
Trained leadership: Have trained and engagedleaders at all levels.
  1. Scoutmaster or an assistant Scoutmaster has completed position-specific training.
  2. Achieve Bronze, plus the Scoutmaster and 60% of assistants have completed position-specific training or, if new, will complete within three months of joining.
  3. Achieve Silver, plus two-thirds of active committee members must have completed Troop Committee Challenge and at least one person has attended an advanced training course
We will be working on the Committee Members completing Troop Committee Challenge this year. Hopefully we will have 100% trained for both Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster and for Troop Committee Members. Although a few members of unit have completed "advanced training" -that is, Woodbadge, no one from the troop has taken the course in many years. We hope that someone steps up this year to take on the challenge of attending the Woodbadge course and completing a ticket that will help our unit's program. For more information regarding Woodbadge, contact Mercy Faust, Millie Rutkowski. This course requires a commitment of two weekends, plus at least one meeting prior to the camping weekend to prepare. More information can be found at

Building the Scout Program--1 scout at a time

Planning and budget:

Have a program plan and budget that is regularly reviewed by the committee, and it follows BSA policies related to fundraising.
  • Have an annual program plan and budget adopted by the troop committee.
  • Achieve Bronze, plus troop committee meets at least six times during the year to review program plans and finances.
  • Achieve Silver, plus troop conducts a planning meeting involving youth leaders for the following program year.

Building Boy Scouting: Have an increase in Boy Scout membership or maintain a larger than average troop size.
  • Have a membership growth plan that includes a recruitment activity and register new members in the troop.
  • Achieve Bronze, and either increase youth members by 5% or have at least 25 members.
  • Achieve Silver, and either increase youth members by 10% or have at least 35 members.
Retention: Retain a significant percentage of youth members.
  • Reregister 75% of eligible members.
  • Reregister 80% of eligible members.
  • Reregister 85% of eligible members.
Webelos-to-Scout transition: With a pack or Webelos den, hold two joint activities.
  • Have an effective plan to recruit Webelos Scouts into the troop.
  • Achieve Bronze, plus recruit two Webelos Scouts.
  • Achieve Bronze, plus provide at least one den chief to a pack and recruit five Webelos
What does a Scout need to do if he has an idea?
Take it to his Patrol Leader and ask him to take it to the PLC (patrol leader council meeting) to be discussed.

Adults who have ideas should take them to the Committee Chair (Millie Rutkowski) or to the Scoutmaster (Darren Frederick).