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Boy Scout Troop 23
(Dormont, Pennsylvania)
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Troop Service Information Coordinator

The Service Information coordinator and Troop Journey to Excellence (JTE) is Mr. Tom Bauer 


Service is an important part of Scouting. This sections of the website will identify ongoing service projects that Troop 23 is committed to performing and special opportunities that arise during the year. Service can be to the Charter Organization, the community or to specific organizations.

If you come up with a service opportunity, please email the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader with the idea. Once approved it will be added to the website.

The following is a list of ongoing Service Projects:

  1. Scouting for Food (happens every April and done in conjunction with the Pack).
  2. Flag in Dormont (Flags are placed on West Liberty Avenue and Potomac Avenue on selected holidays). See Troop calendar for details.
  3. Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church Flea Market Set-up. Happens in November and June each year.
  4. Troop 23 has been helping the Brookline Christian Food Pantry operated through the Brookline Presbyterian Church on Brookline Boulevard for many years.  The Brookline Christian Food Pantry operates the second Saturday of each month.  Their hours are 8 AM to 9:30 AM to bag food, and 9:30 to 11 for food distribution.  Bagging food requires the most labor but there are always jobs to be found during distribution.  If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Nevin Kelly or Kevin Kelly.
  5. Opportunities to help the Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church's food pantry and other feeding programs are also available. We are asking that our families bring in a food donation the first Tuesday of every month. We will indicate on the calendar the suggested food for the month, however you can decide to bring anything. We hope that this becomes a "habit" for the scouts and their families.

T23 Helping the MLUMC Food Pantry Food Bank

Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church has a food pantry which distributes food on a regular basis to people in the Mt. Lebanon and Dormont communities. 

We are asking members to please consider supporting MLUMC's effort to help the needy by donating food that can be  distributed to those in need. Scouts and their families can bring your donation to the meeting on Tuesday. If you cannot make the meeting you can drop food off at the ML UMC office during the week.

Each month, the church is focusing on having people donating a specific type of food however, all foods are welcome as long as they are not beyond the "expiration/best used date."

Consider asking your Scout to pick one or two items to bring to the Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church Food Pantry each month.

If you want to learn more about issues related to hunger in America go to the Feeding American website for some thought provoking statistics and information. (URL is )

  The following items are suggested by month at MLUMC:

January          Paper Products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc)
February        P & J  (peanut butter and jelly!)
March            Cereal
April              Pasta and Sauce
May                Tuna and Canned Meat
June               Mac and Cheese
July                Rice and Beans
August            Crackers and Cookies
September      Breakfast items (poptarts, oatmeal, etc)
October          Thanksgiving meal items
November       Christmas meal items
December       Children’s lunch items



Hunger is a 24-hr a day problem; 365 days a year.
How can you make a difference in someone's life?

  • Among all Feeding America network clients, 43 percent identify as white, 26 percent as African American, and 20 percent as Latino. More than one in four African Americans and one in six Latinos in the U.S. is served by the Feeding America network, compared to one in ten white non-Hispanics.
  • An overwhelming majority of client households report subsisting on minimal income. The median monthly household income among all households is $927, while the median annual household income is $9,175. A majority (72 percent) of client households are living in poverty with annual household incomes at or below the federal poverty level.
  • Approximately 620,000, or four percent of Feeding America client households contain a member who is currently serving full or part-time in the military, either in the Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard. An estimated 25 percent of households with a member currently serving in the U.S. military receive food assistance from the Feeding America network.
  • A majority of client households report having to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities (69 percent), transportation (67 percent), medical care (66 percent), or housing (57 percent) at some point during the year. Among households making these spending tradeoffs, typically one-third report doing so every month.
  • More than half of all client households (53 percent) receive help from family and friends as a strategy to get enough food. Furthermore, more than one in three households (35 percent) reports selling personal property in order to obtain enough food for their household. While growing food in a home or community garden is the least common coping strategy among Feeding America network clients, it remains a strategy employed by more than one in five households (23 percent).
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