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2016 Mini-Merit Badge Fair - 27 February 2016

A Merit Badge Fair has been approved for 27 February.  The specific topics have not yet been settled.

From my earlier post:

Assuming that the Scout PLC decides upon a Mini-Merit Badge Fair over the Winter Months, it's time to start thinking about which Merit Badges can be adequately offered.  This would mean:  there is Scout interest, MB Counselor availability, time for resources to be obtained (if any), and feasibility to cover at least 80% of the requirements in the session, with follow-up accomplished individually, as germane.

My quick review of the current Merit Badges suggest the following to fit the potential bill:

- Animation (all but #3b/3c to be done afterwards)
- Basketry (with a kit per Scout)
- Chess
- Collections (with prework requirements to be brought in)
- Electricity (with prework and kits)
- Emergency Preparedness (Most can be completed)*** Eagle Required
- Energy
- Fire Safety (with prework, a lawnmower/gas, and a tour of fire station)
- Leatherwork (with kits)
- Photography (with a homework project afterwards)
- Public Health (with prework and homework)
- Weather (with homework)

Thoughts?  Submit them here.

Merit Badge Resources

Merit Badge Resources will be located on the Private Site in the "Knowledge Base" Page.

Merit Badge Process

Once a Scout decides to pursue work on a Merit Badge, it is his responsibility to review the most updated approved Merit Badge Counselor List.  He can then select the appropriate counselor.
At the next Pack meeting, the Scout will approach the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster and ask to open an official "Blue Card".

Once the Blue Card is opened, the Scout will coordinate a Merit Badge plan with the assigned counselor.

Upon completion, the Counselor and Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster will sign the Blue Card portions and turn into Council and the Scout will be properly recognized at the next Court of Honor.

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