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Cub Scout Pack 67
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Pack 67 is an active pack!  In addition to our weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings, our scouting year (including the summer) is full of activities, community service, and trips.  Here are many but not all of the fun events/activities we do throughout the scouting year and in the summer.


This one day event helps the new scout become familiar with the types of activities in scouting.  The whole family can come out and enjoy the following activities:
  • Crafts
  • Rock Climbing
  • BMX Track
  • Fishing
  • BB Guns
  • Scouting Games
  • Archery
  • And Much More!

  Weboloree and Cuboree

Webeloree overnight camp occurs in the Fall and Cuboree overnight camp occurs in the Spring.  Each camping experience allows the scout to camp with his pack along with his adult partner and even his family.  Food is prepared at the campsite.  During the day on Saturday, scouts participate in many activities such as rock climbing, games, BB Guns, preparing skits, etc.  During the night the scouts make s'mores on the campfire along with telling stories.  Many of the scouts den adventure requirements can be completed during these camping events.  Child and adult alike have fun no matter if this is their first camping experience or their 50th!


Hiking with your den, pack, and/or family is a lot of fun.  Depending on where you go, you can see wildlife and/or wildlife tracks, waterfalls, different species of birds, various insects, etc.  In addition you can play various games such as scavenger hunt, penny flip hike, fit on a penny hike, or nature friends hike.  

Community Service


There are several opportunities to come to the aid of our less fortunate citizens.  Pack 67 serves our community in the following ways:
  - Feeding the residents at a Men's Shelter
      - Providing Blessing Bags to the Homeless
  - Christmas Caroling to residents at a senior community apartment complex
- Providing Christmas gifts to less fortunate families
        - Creating Valentine's Day cards for residents at a local nursing home

Popcorn Sells

In order to fund our various events and activities it is necessary to raise money.  Our main fundraiser is a National Boy Scouts of America fundraiser.  Selling popcorn does not just provide the pack with needed funds but it also teaches scouts valuable lessons:
  • Earn your own way
  • Goal setting skills along with working hard to achieve the goal he sets for himself
  • Persuasion skills
  • Overcoming objection
  • Handling rejection
  • Perservance
  • Math skills
All of the above are an important part of life.  It is better to learn these skills early in life.

Blue and Gold Banquet

During the Blue and Gold banquet we celebrate the birthday of scouting by having the scouts put on a program that includes speeches, chant, den skits, and songs.  Awards and merits are also given out for those earned from September to December.  The Arrow of Light scouts also have their crossing over ceremony to Boy Scouts.

STEM Activities

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is integrated into the curriculum of each den.  The purpose of STEM in scouting is to encourage the natural curiosity of youth members and their sense of wonder about these fields through existing programs.  STEM professionals continue to be sought after to fill many STEM related positions.  Therefore through STEM in scouting it is the hope that some youth will pursue these fields.

Pinewood Derby

Scouts design, shape, and paint a block of wood into a car that will be raced against other scouts on an inclined track.  The cars move with gravity.  The cars race in heats with the best time advancing.  The scouts learn how to show good sportsmanship whether or not they win.  

Raingutter Regatta 

The Raingutter Regatta is similar to the Pinewood Derby except the scouts race boats that they have designed.

End-of-the Year Celebration

This is a really fun time for the scouts.  They receive their awards, badges and adventure belt loops for all that they accomplish from January to May.  During this time, they get a chance to play with other scouts in organized games and free play and get to eat some delicious food.

End-of-the Year Trip

Annually, ususally in July, we take a pack trip with scouts, leaders, parents, and other family members.  This allows us to celebrate the scouts' accomplishments and provide new experience and new takes on experiences.  Not all families get to take a summer vacation.  Through our fundraising efforts we hope to be able to reduce the cost or completely cover the cost of the trip for the scout.  This can only occur through the fundraising efforts of the scout and adult partner/parent.  The following are places we have been or plan to go in the future:
  • Disney World
  • Virgina
  • Charleston
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Asheville
  • Washington DC
  • Tennessee
Martin Luther King, Jr Parade

During Martin Luther King, Jr weekend, Pack 67 participates in the King Remembrance parade in downtown Charlotte as a way to celebrate the life and time of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The cub scouts march and chant as those viewing the parade wave as we pass.

Christmas Caroling

During December not only do we provide gifts for a disadvantaged family but we sing Christmas songs at Mayfield Memorial Apartments to the residents.  These residents are seniors and some are disabled.  They enjoy seeing us each year.  It brightens the holiday season.

Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and Football Games

Many of the sporting teams in and around Charlotte have Scout night where the scouts get to come on the field or court before the game and also get an opportunity to pay, in addition to the price of the ticket, a fee to camp overnight.  This is an exciting experience for the scouts.

New events are constantly added.  Not all events happen every year.

We strongly believe that children need more than exposure to truly learn and develop.  That is why we want to have our scouts experience new activities and challenging adventures.  Image that your child is taking a standardized reading or math test and the reading passage or math word problem is talking about coding a robot.  Your son will spend unnecessary time trying to understand what the text is all about if he has never played with coding a robot instead of breezing through the questions.  The text in books or on tests come to life when a child has experienced what they are reading.  

Scouting gives boys experiences early in life they many never have.  These experiences set them up for greater accomplishments in and outside the classroom.