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Boy Scout Troop 78
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)
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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you can take a few minuets and get to know us. If you have any questions please feel free to click on the Contact Our Troop Tab above.

Remember, anyone can join Troop 78, no military affiliation is needed.  If you wish to visit the troop, just contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair for instructions.

All new scouts are required to complete an a Youth application. Annual Troop 78 fees are as follows:
National registration is $24 per year, prorated at time of joining. **
Boys Life Magazine is $12 per year, prorated at time of joining.**
Troop dues are $24, prorated at time of joining, which includes all awards and most patches. **

** National Registration, Boy's Life and troop dues are prorated based on the month joined, joining in November would be $75.00 total for one scout and includes rest of the current year and all of the next Scout year (February through January).
-->For questions about completing the application, or about the Boy Scout Program, please contact us by clicking on Contact Our Troop.

Troop 78 keeps the cost to parents low by recycling and reusing troop equipment and finding free or low cost camping in the local area.  Our dues are among the lowest in the area.

All new parent leaders are required to completed the Adult application. Annual fees for an adult is only $24 (prorated at time of joining) which includes a subscription to Scouting Magazine. Those adults wishing to be Merit Badge Counselors fill out the Adult Application with the sheet for selecting merit badges. Merit Badge Counselor is a "no fee" registration. All adults must complete Youth Protection Training prior to registration.

We ask that each scout family have at least one adult sign up to be a parent leader. This isn't a requirement and we understand that a single parent household makes this difficult, just do your best.


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Adult Applicaton 524-501.pdf ADULT APPLICATION  
Youth Application 524-406A.pdf YOUTH APPLICATION  


A scout has two sets of records (outside of his own) that need to be established and maintained; those with the troop and those with council. The troop keeps records on scouts using TroopMaster and council keeps records on scouts using Scoutnet. It is very important that when a scout is new to the troop that their records are established with the troop and with council as accurate as possible. It will benefit the scout later when they have their records review with council for the rank of Eagle or if they need to transfer to another troop when leaving the area.

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