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Question - Who is Akela?

Answer - Every adult with responsibility for the welfare of a Cub Scout.

In other words, if you have a child who is a Cub Scout, then YOU are an Akela...actually you are the most important "Akela", in their life.   The name "Akela" is taken from the book by Rudyard Kipling titled The Jungle Book, as are a lot of Cub Scouting's concepts, symbols and terms.

Your Scout has other Akelas in their life. For example, the parents who help the Pack in a variety of ways are Akelas to your Scout. So are teachers, coaches, their Den Leaders and the pack's CubMaster. 

By the way, did you know that every position within a Cub Scout Pack is well-compensated?  The compensation includes generous amounts of gratitude, respect and admiration.  The benefits package is great, as well, though the biggest beneficiary is your son.  When you help your son's Pack with even one of the small jobs that keep the pack going, you demonstrate values in person that you are also trying to teach them verbally. Nothing will influence a kid more than the example their parents set for them.

If you are a Akela who keeps track of your Den's achievements, we are currently using PackMaster 2010.  A new version, "PackMaster Web" will be availalbe in the next few months.When that happens, you'll want this link to our page at the PackMaster Web site.

p.s.  We'll add more to this page that can help Akelas to guide their Scout and help the pack go as time permits.

Scout Program Information

Information for Scouts, Parents, and Adult Leaders about Scout programs, advancement requirements, award, and more can be found at: